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  • Mynolex Resindo Sejahtera



Mynolex  Resindo Suspension PVC resins are designed for today’s   applications and we actively work with customers to develop resins for   tomorrow’s applications.  Our resins are available in eleven grades, with   inherent viscosities ranging from 0.66 to 1.1 and K-values ranging from 56   to 73. We also offer an extensive selection of dry blend compounds in   diverse colors.

Examples of end-use applications include pipe, siding, fencing, decking,   railing, window & doors, automotive, wire & cable, blown film, medical and   many other rigid and flexible applications. Our customers rate Java Plastic &   Resindo as the producer ‘Easiest to Do Business With” and our technical   service, customer service and sales representatives as ‘Best in the Business’.

Mynolex Resindo plastics’ Dispersion (Specialty) PVC products include   homopolymer and copolymer dispersion resins, suspension copolymer   resins  and homopolymer and copolymer blending resins. As one of the   largest dispersion PVC resin we offer a wide range of molecular weights and   viscosities for specialty dispersion and blending applications. Dispersion   resins have been developed to exhibit properties that permit use in a   variety   of applications, including sheet flooring, insect screening, caps and   closures, traffic cones and others.



We have bags made of high quality materials, not easily torn and safe from various shocks, so that consumers   receive goods that are still wrapped in the bag.